Like so many of us, I grew up watching the movies, especially the late-night B&W ones. And it was in the movies that I started learning about the world. Of other places, other lives. It was my introduction to big ideas and bigger emotions; to love and romance, to adventure, and to the world of good and evil. And like so many, I was particularly drawn to the heavies. Those characters that live in the grayer areas of human behavior and stir things up. So, in 1995 I set out to discover what inspired such passionate performances by the iconic artists who created them.

Leading or supporting, renown or obscure, heavy or not-so, these bad-boy masters of character have left indelible impressions across the globe on audiences of all ages. With their dedication to their craft and their need to fearlessly abandon themselves while pushing the boundaries of the art form, their collective contribution to cinema has set the benchmark for the next generation of actors and the next 100 years of motion pictures.

This book is a glimpse into the hearts of these multi-faceted performers and their passion for the 7th art. And in their own words, they give us a little peek into what it has all meant for them when I asked… 

What inspired you to get into the movies?

FILM ICON is dedicated to all the friends, family and passionate artists, reps and crew who rallied to bring this project to life to inspire future generations of actors and film makers. 

Antonio Banderas
Ernest Borgnine
Josh Brolin
James Caan
James Coburn

Sharlto Copley
Kevin Costner

Vincent D'Onofrio

Paul Dano
Robert De Niro
Benicio del Toro
Michael Douglas
Colin Farrell

William Fichtner

Laurence Fishburne

Scott Glenn

Jeff Goldblum
Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Lou Gossett, Jr.

John Goodman

Terrence Howard
Samuel L. Jackson
Ben Johnson

James Earl Jones

L.Q. Jones
Michael Keaton
Harvey Keitel
Sir Ben Kingsley
Ray Liotta

Robert Loggia
William H. Macy
Michael Madsen
Karl Malden
John Malkovich
Malcolm McDowell
Robert Mitchum
Nick Nolte

Edward J. Olmos

Sean Penn

Anthony Quinn

John C. Reilly
Jeremy Renner
Tim Robbins
Sam Rockwell
Martin Sheen
Gary Sinise
Tom Sizemore
Kevin Spacey
Harry Dean Stanton
Rod Steiger

Peter Stormare
Billy Bob Thornton
Danny Trejo
Stanley Tucci

Christoph Waltz

James Woods ...and 73

other movie legends.

"...lots of good insight & advice." - Bob Myman                  " intimate glimpse into the lives & minds of these icons of cinema." - Billy Wilder

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Film Icon by Richard Wright

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